Excellent Vegetarian Menu with a Unique Twist

Enjoy Vegetarian: Soy-on-soy action

By Jonathan Kauffman Wednesday, Mar 3 2010

Practicing your religion often means changing your diet. Catholics used to divide the year into meat days and fast (or fish) days, which many Coptic Christian sects still do. Jews and Muslims give up pork, many Buddhists and Hindu castes renounce meat of all kinds, Rastafarians avoid salt, and Protestants — well, sometimes we give up good taste (have you ever tasted the food at a church potluck?). ..It specializes in strict Buddhist vegetarian cuisine, most of which qualifies as vegan: no meat or fish, of course; little dairy or eggs; no MSG, for modern customers; and also no onions or garlic. The Buddhist proscription against wu hun, “five strong-smelling foods” — onions, garlic, chives, shallots, and leeks — may go back thousands of years to the religion’s Indian origins; some religious groups in India, such as Jains and yogic ashrams, still avoid cooking with them… Read more

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A veggie restaurant with two branches in San Francisco, Enjoy has vegan food that not only looks but tastes like real meat. Lots of gluten-free options and a fair selection of Americanized-Chinese food, such as sweet-and-sour chicken. No MSG, garlic or onion in any dishes… Read more