Lunch Menu for Monday – Friday 11am – 2:00pm (except holidays)

Lunch Special 特價精選 $11.99

(Served with Spring Roll & Steamed Rice or Brown Rice)

L01 Pumpkin, String beans w/ tofu in Black bean sauce 豉汁南瓜豆仔豆腐
L02 Sweet & Sour Soy Chicken w/Bell Pepper & Pineapple 甜酸雞丁
L03 Lemon Sauce Fillet 檸檬魚塊
L04 Coconut Sauce w/ Taro, Soy Chicken & Pumpkin 椰汁香芋、南瓜 、芝麻雞
L05 Broccoli w/ Soy Beef 西蘭花素牛
L06 Braised Spareribs w/ Broccoli 紅燒排骨
L07 String Beans w/ Shredded Homemade Dry Tofu 四季豆炒五香豆乾
L08 String Beans & Soy Beef w/ Chinese Satay Sauce & Basil 沙茶炒四季豆牛肉片
L09 Eggplant & String Beans w/ Black Bean Sauce 豆豉茄子四季豆
L10 Eggplant, Tofu & Basil w/ Satay Sauce 九層塔沙茶炒茄子豆腐
L11 Satay Sauce w/ veggie cuttlefish & Basil 沙茶腰花***
***L12 Bean Curd Pouch w/ Napa Cabbage & Broccoli 三色腐包***
***L13 Veggie Deluxe (Napa Cabbage, Mushroom, Baby Corn, Broccoli, Fungus) 羅漢上素
L14 Bean Curd Rolls w/ vegetable (stuffed w/Cabbage, Mushroom) 法海蒲團***
***L15 Stir Fried Mixed Green Vegetables (Mustard Green, Shanghai Bok Choy & Broccoli) 清炒雜青菜
L16 String Bean w/ Sea Bass in Black bean sauce 豉汁豆仔雪魚
L17 Braise Tofu w/ Mushroom , Wheat Gluten & Green Vegetable 紅燒豆腐,麵根
L18 General Tso’s Soy chicken 左宗雞
L19 Taro, Lamb w/ Pumpkin and Satay Sauce  芋頭沙茶南瓜素腩
L20 Black Bean Sauce w/ String Beans & Veggie Chicken 豉汁炒四季豆素雞絲
L21 Braised “Bean Curd Tofu” w/ Vegetables & Mushroom 紅燒百頁豆腐
L22 Basil Tofu w/ Mixed green vegetables 三杯豆腐
L23 Sliced Fatty Pork w/ Sweet Mustard Greens & Napa Cabbage 梅菜扣肉
L24 Eggplant w/ Soy Sea Bass 茄子雪魚**
***L25 Lotus Root, Fungus, Peas & Ginko Nuts 田園風光 (蓮藕小炒)**
***L26 Golden Knots (Tofu, Mushroom, w / Soybean Sheets) 素皇雀
L27 Basil Soy Chicken w/ mix vegetables 三杯素雞
L28 Braised Spareribs w/ Daikon & Cooked Lettuce 蘿蔔素腩

Lunch Special 特級精選 $11.99

(Served with Spring Roll & Steamed Rice or Brown Rice)

Spicy Dishes 辣味

L29 Kung Pao Lamb 宮保羊
L30 Braise String Beans w/Spicy Chili Sauce 乾煸四季豆
L31 Eggplant in Spicy Chili Sauce 愉香茄子
L32 Kung Pao Soy Chicken w/Pepper & Broccoli 宮保雞丁
L33 Spicy Ma Po Tofu 麻婆豆腐
L34 Curry Pumpkin Tofu & Mixed Vegetables 咖哩南瓜豆腐
L35 Mongolian Soy Beef w/Pepper & Broccoli 蒙古素牛
L36 Twice Cooked Veggie Pork(cabbage, dry tofu, pepper & soy pork)回鍋素片
L37 Kung Pao Tofu w/Pepper & Broccoli宮保豆腐

Chow Mein / Fried rice 炒麵/炒飯

(Served with Spring Roll )

L38 House Special Chow Mein noodle w/ BBQ Pork & Veggie Ham慧膳炒麵
L39 Vegetables Chow Mein noodle 青菜炒麵
L40 Veggie Chicken Chow Mein in Black Pepper Sauce 黑椒雞絲炒麵
L41 Singapore Style Chow Rice Vermicelli (Curry Flavour)星洲炒米
L42 Spicy Tan Tan Noodle w/ Peanut sauce 担担面

Noodle Soup 炒麵/湯麵 /炒飯

L43 Won Ton Noodle Soup w/ Vegetables 雲吞湯麵
L44 Veggie Chicken, Green Vegetables w/ Noodle Soup雞絲青菜湯麵
L45 Curry Mixed Vegetables & Tofu Udon Soup 咖哩青菜豆腐烏冬
***L46 Thai Style Spicy & Sour Soup w/ Rice Vermicelli 泰式酸辣湯米粉
*** You can choose Rice Vermicelli or Udon Noodle from No. L38-L46
*** No. L38-L46 可選米粉/烏冬

​ Rice 飯類

L47 House Special Fried Rice w/BBQ Pork & Veggie Ham 慧膳炒飯
L48 Curry Fried Rice w/ Soy Chicken 咖哩炒飯
L49 Green Vegetables Fried Rice青菜炒飯
L50 Spinach & Pine Nuts Fried Rice菠菜松子仁炒飯
*** You can substitute to Brown Rice Extra $1.50 from No. L47-L50
*** No. L47-L50 可選糙米飯加 $1.50
Please always alert your server to any food allergies or ingredient aversions, We are happy to accommodate whenever possible!
Pictures are only for reference. Seasonal Vegetables Upon Available only.

From our menu, you will see dish names like Mongolian Beef, Kung Pao Chicken, Eggplant & Sea Bass. However, they are all made with soy products. We use the substitutions of soy products, yam and mushroom in many of our dishes. We also have a lot of dishes made with natural soy protein. We do our handmade Bean Curd Rolls, Soy Bean Sheet, Wheat Gluten, Golden Knoll and many more. Altogether, we have 114 dishes in our menu. Please come visit and ‘Enjoy’ our restaurants.