Excellent Vegetarian Menu with a Unique Twist

At Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant, our food has become synonymous with quality. Each of our dishes is hand-crafted with special care and preparation. Our menu is strictly vegetarian and mostly vegan, meaning our items are free of meat, seafood, egg and dairy products. Our food is prepared daily with the freshest, most high-quality ingredients and are made to order with less oil and no MSG.

Award-Winning San Francisco Vegetarian Restaurant

Our high-quality cuisine combined with our friendly servers has made our San Francisco vegetarian restaurant critically acclaimed and customer praised. The genius behind the success of our restaurant is that we serve excellent Chinese food that happens to be vegetarian and kosher!

Our unique menu has garnered the attention of food-critics across the nation, including:

While vegetarian food is to some people still thought of as boring or bland, there are plenty of reasons why Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant has been the favorite vegetarian restaurant in your local area. Follow your heart – and your stomach – down to one of our two convenient locations and find out why Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant has been the vegetarian, kosher and Chinese choice for many foodies in Northern California!

  • Chinatown San Francisco: 839 Kearny Street – (415) 685-4061
  • Sunset San Francisco: 754 Kirkham Street – (415) 682-0826
Contact us today to learn more about our award-winning new take on traditional Chinese and vegetarian dining.